What is Domestic Violence in Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle?

A crime is labeled domestic violence (DV) if the complaining witness is related to the person accused. The relationship can be based on a current or past romantic relationship, a common child or residence, or any blood or marriage familial tie. The most common domestic violence Tacoma charges include assault, malicious mischief or destruction of property, interfering with a 911 call, violation of a domestic violence protection order or no contact order, harassment and reckless endangerment.

Because these allegations are usually based on one persons account of an incident there is often very little physical evidence to support the charge. The charges often arise from a heated moment and can be exaggerated or even fabricated. Calling into question the accuracy of the “victim’s” statement is one of primary ways to combat charges of domestic violence. An experienced Tacoma Domestic Violence lawyer can make all of the difference. The Attorney’s at Horwath Law routinely obtains dismissals on domestic violence charges.

Charges that include Assault, No Contact Orders and Malicious Mischief

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime of Domestic Violence in Pierce County or King County the consequences can be very serious. Even, misdemeanor DV charges can result in jail of up to 364 days and fines of up to $5000.

What’s more is that whether your case is a misdemeanor or felony, if you are convicted of a crime involving Domestic Violence in Tacoma, Federal Way, or Puyallup, the court often times orders anger management or domestic violence classes, protective orders, and probation. The loss of firearm rights is also a direct consequence of a DV conviction (which can be particularly impaction if you are a military member). If you are facing Tacoma, Puyallup, Kent, or Lakewood Domestic Violence charges it is imperative that you bring on a team of competent criminal defense attorneys.

You are probably already aware that when the police respond to a domestic violence 911 call, an arrest of one of the parties present is extremely likely. Often you or your loved one will be forced out of the home while the case is pending. Washington has some of the harshest domestic violence laws and once the process has begun, the complaining witness no longer has the right to drop the charges.

People are often shocked that a felony level Tacoma domestic violence assault (2nd Degree Assault) can arise without any actual physical marks on an alleged victim. Assault in the second degree, which is a very serious strike offense, can arise from an allegation of choking or strangulation without injuries. Judges in Pierce, King and Thurston County have no problem setting bail upwards of $50,000 at the first appearance even when the defendant has no criminal history.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges that we handle

> Assault (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree)
> Violation of a Protection Order
> Violation of a No Contact Order
> Malicious Mischief/Destruction of Property
> Harassment

If you are facing a DV charge Horwath Law can help! Angela has successfully represented thousands of clients charged with DV cases. Here is what one client charged with DV had to say about their experience working with Horwath Law.

“Angela Horwath was knowledge in domestic violence. From the moment that I spoke with her over the phone she was confident and assuring. Angela did not promise me a dismissal, but she did however tell me that we will fight for a dismissal or a not guilty. Angela from day one was prepared to take my case to trial and stand in my corner and go to battle for me and with me. When we went before the judge Angela was prepared and ready to rebut anything that was not correct. After hard work and tenacity my case was dismissed and closed. I am thankful for the work of this firm. Angela herself or one of her assistants was always available to speak with me to answer any questions or concerns that arose. They literally saved made this process effortless from me while saving my blemish free criminal record. I would suggest Horwath firm. They are friendly, positive, professional, experienced, and accurate in all aspects of law.”

– Client charged with Domestic Violence 4th Degree Assault and DV Malicious Mischief 3rd Degree


"If you need legal help, Angela is the person to choose."

All my questions were answered very promptly. If you need legal help, Angela is the person to choose.
– Arron, DUI Client
"Horwath law is a great to work with... very knowledgeable and customer orientated... Professional attorney..."

Horwath law is a great to work with... very knowledgeable and customer orientated... Professional attorney... loved having on my side… Knowledge was impressive.
– Brian
"We can't thank you enough for your stellar service, because of your due diligence the case was dismissed."

We can't thank you enough for your stellar service, because of your due diligence the case was dismissed. Saving us years of stress. You rock!
– Cossetta, Tacoma


Angela Horwath is the owner and lead attorney of Horwath Law. Her career has been dedicated entirely to criminal defense and she has been lead counsel on thousands of criminal cases. Mrs. Horwath maintains excellent relationships with her clients and that is why the majority of Horwath Law’s clients are referrals from previous clients.

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Kelsey Ault is a lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest and received her law degree at Seattle University. She earned her B.A. at Chapman University, graduating with a major in Sociology with a focus on Criminal Justice. Kelsey believes that there are two sides to every story and works diligently to ensure that each client is given a voice.

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