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You need a Seattle / Tacoma criminal defense attorney who knows the law, who knows the courts, and who will fight for you if you are charged with a DUI, assault or any other criminal offense. You may face a prison sentence, loss of your job or military career, or other serious consequences if your case is not managed properly.

Horwath Law concentrates its practice on criminal cases. We provide aggressive and superior legal representation for our clients for all forms of criminal defense, including:

A Caring Puyallup / Tacoma Criminal Defense Attorney

Ms. Horwath is one of the most caring and skilled Tacoma criminal defense attorneys. She has successfully handled all facets of the most complex criminal charges and provides the same dedication and effort into each case.

We have the time and energy to achieve positive criminal defense results because we purposely keep our clientele small. Our clients are highly satisfied with the results obtained for them and we are proud that a majority of our clients come referred to us from those who we have helped in the past.

A Tacoma Criminal defense attorney is available 24 hours a day, so please contact us now for a free consultation.
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What clients are saying

  • We can't thank you enought for your stellar service, because of your due diligence the case was dismissed. Saving us years of stress. You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Cossetta

  • Horwath law is a great to work with… very knowledgeable and customer orientated… Professional attorney... loved having on my side… Knowledge was impressive.. Resources seemed endless… Recommend to all my family and friends… Outcome unbelievable… Horwath law will be the first and only call I make! - Brian

  • Ms. Horwath is an extremely dedicated, professional and dependable attorney. I found her knowledge and application of the law to be great; Her personal character is high and I found it extremely easy to place my trust in her and found her true to her word.

    -Michael, a Criminal Defense client

  • Ms. Horwath is an attorney that truly fights for her client's rights and does not allow them to be abused or infringed on. I highly recommend Ms. Horwarth for her professionalism, dedication and compassion for the law.

    -DUI Client, Tacoma
  • Angela was ALWAYS on top of things in the courtroom. Her performance is stellar. I'd recommend her to anyone, and do.

    -Jarrod, DUI Client
  • All my questions were answered very promptly. If you need legal help, Angela is the person to choose.

    -Aaron, DUI Client
  • When i was arrested i thought my biggest hope was to be found guilty of a lesser crime than i'd committed, but with Angela Horwath's knowledge of the local courts and DA's i was able to completely keep it off my record. Something i never thought possible!

    -Thanks, Brannon
  • Angela was very professional and did exactly what she said she would do. I had many questions about particulars and she answered all questions and helped out in many ways.

    Thank you,
    -T.N. Bonney Lake
  • Having Angela as my attorney took away nearly all of the stress and fear that came with being charged with a crime. From our very first conversation she assured me that I didn't have to worry about my case because she had it covered. She was worth every penny because she kept me informed, never judged me, and kept the charge off of my record!

    - A.C.